What treatment can help my damaged and frizzy hair?

If you are anything like me, you hate your hair being a frizz ball! Damp weather to you means unruly, unmanageable hair. If this is you, have a read about our fantastic treatment at Barry Alan hair salon that will mean #nomorefrizz for 3-6 months-imagine that? Heaven!

The Nano Keratin Protein Treatment we use by Nanokeratin System UK is specifically for frizzy hair that needs taming and is a smoothing treatment. It is especially effective on damaged or coarse hair, such as over processed bleached, coloured or sun damaged hair.

treatment for sun damaged hair

Keratin is a protein this is what the hair is naturally made of. The Nano keratin particles are deposited and locked deep within your hair, sealing it naturally to repair and deeply condition. The result is smooth, shiny, silky hair that is easier to manage.

I had the treatment done and it lasted 5 1/2 months, without me having to use straighteners either, no frizz in sight even after being caught in the rain and going in a steam room! I literally wash my hair and blast with a hairdryer. Amazing!!

The treatment takes between 2-4 hours depending on the length and density of your hair and which treatment we do.  After this you are able to purchase a sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner to use. The keratin will gradually wash out of your hair rather than grow out. This treatment has now been re-vamped and we can also recommend using an insulator  treatment at home which will prolong the treatment and help maintain the results for longer. With the old version you couldn’t wash the hair after treatment for 72 hours or put it up etc. You can now do what ever you like and it stays in the hair and doesn’t affect the results.

anti frizz damaged hair keratin protein treatment

You can colour your hair too.  With the new improved treatment we can now colour the hair straight after the treatment without you having to wait for two weeks like before.

One of our lovely clients Dani Cameron was happy to share her experiences of the Nano Keratin treatment….

Before treatment
I hated my hair. I hardly wore it down & when I did it had loads of products in. It felt a bit like glass fibre, dry & coarse.

before nano keratin hair treatment

After Leon did the biz
For those 72 hours it felt so light & smooth. My hair has never stayed straight for more than a couple of hours but even after sleeping on it it was pretty much the same as when I left Leon!! My children were speechless when I got home as I did not look like me!

after nano keratin hair treatment

It’s weird as it feels very smooth. But it’s how it behaves which is amazing. Curls move independently of each other instead of moving as a whole mass. When I’m running it’s all swishy. For the first time ever, I feel as good about my hair now as I did the day I left the salon! The amount of product I use is minimal! My hair is no longer a cross between Chaka Khan & Diana Ross but is now how I’d like it to look! I thank Leon he was the perfect host for the 4 hours!! I really am so pleased, if a little gobsmacked. I’m so glad I took the chance with you. I’m afraid you maybe stuck with my custom.

nano keratin hair treatment after first wash

Written by Dani Cameron from Norwich.

Like Dani, I have just had my second treatment and I am completely sold! I used to hate my plumage of frizz, especially around the crown. Everyone always says how healthy, glossy and shiny my hair looks and it is so quick and easy to do, great if you are a busy mum!

If you would like to find out more please pop in for a consultation or phone 01603 624 397 for an appointment. Prices start from £150.

Have fun….. Beth xx