Hair Products

Shampoos, conditioners, styling and fixing products for hair of all types.

Barry has been in the hairdressing industry for 25 years so decided to design his own hair brand and products. All of our products are not tested on animals and we do refills on all shampoos and conditioners for half price apart from the Sodium chloride free ones.

Hair Shampoos & Conditioners

Our foundation shampoos are designed for the hair to maintain it’s required moisture and shine. Products from Barry Alan are highly concentrated, ensuring an optimum cleanse with every minimal use. With natural oils and other pure ingredients, all of our shampoos treat hair with elite care; each individually formed to enhance specific characteristics and qualities of the hair that need revitalising.

The saturated conditioners from our Barry Alan collection are designed to smooth roughened cuticles, forming a sublime light-reflecting surface - the perfect styling base. Concentrated and creamy, the penetrating natural oils promise intense nourishment and rehydration. Barry Alan conditioners reinvigorate and replenish hair back to health, focusing deeply on damaged areas and locking in pigment vibrancy.

Red Shampoo

A Shampoo that contains a red pigment specific for red hair only! Make your Colour last longer in between salon dying.

To use:

Wear gloves otherwise you will get red hands but use as a normal shampoo.

Make sure you read all of the instructions on the back of the bottle.

Price: £11.70

Red Conditioner

A beautiful  Conditioner to compliment your red tones. Maintaining vitality and shine.

To use:

After washing apply a small amount to wet hair. Apply from root to tip. Rinse. For an intensive conditioning leave in for 1 Minute before rinsing.

Price: £11.70

Colour Shampoo

This is a beautiful conditioning shampoo that has a gentle but luxurious wash, non drying. Which is perfect for coloured, processed and dry hair.

To use:

Only use a small amount as very concentrated.

Price: £9.40

Colour Conditioner

This beautiful conditioner is ideal for putting back the natural lustre and healthy glow into processed or dry hair.

To use:

After washing apply a small amount to your wet hair, from root to tip. For an intensive condition you can leave for up to 5 minutes before rinsing.

Price: £9.40

Hydrate Shampoo

This beautiful shampoo is both luxurious and pampering. Suitable for normal to greasy hair. Some of our clients with very oily hair love this product and have found they don’t need to wash so regularly.

To use:

Only a small application is needed. Wash hair, apply shampoo, rinse.

Price: £9.40

Hydrate Conditioner

A beautiful everyday conditioner. If your hair is greasy only apply to the mid lengths and ends of your hair.

To use:

After washing. Apply a small amount to wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

Price: £9.40

Argan Enriched Shampoo

A rich luxurious foamy shampoo with a genourous amount of Argan oil that contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to nourish your hair with all the vital essential nutrients for beautiful healthy hair.  Argan Shampoo can help to eliminate dandruff, itchy scalp and repair split ends.

To use:

Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage in to produce a rich lather and rinse thoroughly. Apply again if needed.

Price: £10.60

Argan Enriched Conditioner

A luxurious Argan enriched Conditioner. Feel your hairs vitality, lustre and shine increase.

To use:

After washing apply a small amount to your wet hair. Rinse. For an intensive conditioning, leave in for up to 2 minutes before rinsing.

Price: £10.60

Sodium Chloride Free Shampoo

A fragrance Free Shampoo especially formulated for Keratin treated hair as it won’t strip the hair, making the results last longer.

To use:

Only a small amount is needed. Apply to wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

Price: £10.60

Sodium Chloride Free Conditioner

A beautiful conditioner to use on Keratin treated hair.

To use:

After washing apply a small amount from root to tip and rinse.

Price: £10.60

Leave in Conditioner

This product is ideal for all hair types, providing an immediate boost to hair condition and ease of care. Will restore PH balance, moisture and shine.

To use:

Spray generously onto wet or dry hair, comb hair through, style as required. Do Not Rinse Out!

Price: £8.88

Hair Blowdry Products

Our blowdry products fashioned to gently condition and protect the hair, giving ultra-light body and sparkling flashes of shine. The Barry Alan blowdry variety enforces natural definition and refinement to style - static instantly imperceptible, with a flexible hold. For a sensuous soft touch, Moroccan argan oil envelops hair in concentrated silkiness, nourishment and protection to intensely nurture dry, brittle hair. 

Sea Salt Spray

For roughing, lift, boost and volume. Can be used in wet or dry Hair.

To use:

For that tousled @Just surfed@ look spray generously into towel dried/damp hair as desired. Leave in.

Price: £8.90


Our Star product. It is a wearable styling treatment. To restore the hairs natural condition, protect, enhance manageability and renew shine. Not only is it a conditioning treatment but it contains a mousse too. Containing a cocktail of Wheat  Germ oil, and Fruit Oils.

To use:

Apply a few pumps of  Elements to damp or dry hair. Blow  or air dry for silky, touchable looks, or use hot tools for refined curls. On dry hair, reapply to add texture and control. Apply anytime for an instant style boost.

Price: £14.80

Argan Oil Hair Treatment


A luxurious leave in Argan oil serum. Which will leave the hair healthy looking, smooth and shiny. Moroccan Argan oil is a rich, easily absorbed emollient and excellent for use as a leave in hair moisturising and nourishing treatment. It is exceptionally rich in Vitamin E and essentially fatty acids to help moisturise, feed and protect from free radicals.

To use:

Apply a small amount to damp hair then style. Our serum will also protect against the heat of driers.

Price: £13.40

Liquid Gloss


A beautiful Treatment. Which brings out a natural Glossiness to the hair. This product contains a heat protector too. Leaving soft manageable hair.

To use:

A few pumps applied to damp hair before drying. Leaving  glossy, shiny manageable hair. This can be mixed with the Elements too.

Price: £8.20

Blow Drying Spray


This product is ideal for all Hair types, provides medium hold and gentle conditioning.

To use:

Spray generously to wet hair and comb through before styling. Hold Hair drier at least 6 inches from hair.

Price: £8.90

Hair Fixing Products

The Barry Alan finishing products are enriched with natural bees wax and fibres; this vigorous nourishment helps to direct the hair. Individually, each finishing product enables you to fuse hair into the desired mould, fix it with a weightless sheen or hold it in style with a sleek shine - all ensuing controlled, yet pliable hair.

Firm Hold Gel


To use:

Apply to wet or dry hair, style as you wish. Allow to dry. Washes out easily. Don’t use too much.

Price: £8.05

Matte Clay


This product is good for adding texture and volume to your hair.

To use:

Rub vigorously a small amount into the palms of hands until the product has warmed from the friction. Apply to damp hair, or use with damp hands. When applying to dry hair, style as you wish. Washes out easily.

Price: £10.30



Good for short hair that you want to put some body into the hair. Gives a high shine.

To use:

Apply to dry hair, style as you wish. Sleek, hold and Shine.

Price: £8.05