Argan Oil and Blow Dry Spray to Nourish and Style Your Hair

Did you know that we have our own unique brand of hair care products that have been designed by us?

Barry has been in the hairdressing industry for over twenty years and clients are always asking him what products to use on their hair, so he decided it was time to design our own brand of hair care products that are affordable but as good as a professional range. Also all of our products are cruelty free.

In this Blog I have chosen two of our favourite and most popular products to write about….

Argan oil

This is definitely the hair ingredient on everyone’s lips. We have our own Argan oil that is good for depositing natural fatty acids and Vitamins into the hair. It is a great hair product for dry, porous, coarse hair and really helps to deeply condition, nourish and restore. You use it on wet hair after washing and conditioning using approximately three pumps and then blow drying it into the hair.

Argan oil Hair products at hairsalon in Norwich

Blow dry Spray

This is a setting agent with a natural hold that is sprayed into damp hair and then blow dried in. For maximum hold spray on dry hair and again blow dry in. It keeps the hair together and stops it becoming frizzy or fly away but it is light, doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it greasy or sticky. Leaving the hair with a great shine.

Blow dry spray hair products used at blow dry bar Norwich

One of our clients has written a little review about this spray….

“I absolutely love this product!!! This is the only Blowdry Spray I have used that actually does what it should do. It protects my hair from the damage heat can cause as well as holding my style. I have actually found that I don’t need to straighten my hair when I use this Blowdry Spray as it really holds well. The bottle lasts a long time as you don’t need a lot so it is also great value for money. I have very fine hair that is difficult to style so to finally find a decent spray to protect my hair is brilliant and I can highly recommend it”  Laura Skipworth, Norwich.

We use these products on every client and especially the styling products to achieve the right look and texture for your hair at our Express Blow Dry bar. Read more about this in our blog by Courtney Peach..

Refill service for hair products

We offer a refill service on all of our Shampoos and conditioners except for the Sodium-chloride free products. So if you bring the bottle back to us we refill it for you for half price. So doing our bit for the environment too ????